Global Ramadan talkshow.– Madina Institute Indonesia in Collaboration with Tebuireng Online

*Global Ramadan Talkshow: Various Perspective from Around the Globe Addressing the Pandemic*

📚 Streaming Online GMT +7 from Facebook: *Saturday, 9 May 2020* *15.30 – 17.15 pm WIB*🇮🇩

with Ustadzah Hafza Iqbal 🇬🇧 (Ph. D Candidate of Theology and Sociology of Religion)

Imam Ahmad Deeb 🇺🇸 Masters in Islamic Studies, Founder of Itqaan Institute

Majalah TebuirengIklan Tebuireng Online

Ustadz Zubair Rahaman 🇿🇦 Alumni Madina Institute 2015 Medical Student at University of Pretoria

classes will be streamed online at: And: And Zoom More info WA: +628 999 666 975